Nursing assistant helps older woman in wheel chair button her sweater as they smile at each other


At Village Health Care, we’ve been serving the community since 1968, committed to providing a quality experience for everyone that comes through our doors. Below are just a few examples of the dedicated care we provide our patients and their families.

“My mother suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed on the right side and unable to swallow. The Village Healthcare staff was very kind and attentive to my mother, who couldn’t communicate her needs well. They took excellent care of her feeding tube needs, her therapy requirements, and all of her personal care needs. They were very supportive to my mother, as well as our family, at a very difficult time. We can’t thank them enough!”
— Betty Blair
“My mother, the last five years of her life, was in and out of skilled nursing facilities to regain her strength after hospital stays relating to her heart failure. The last two times we chose Village Healthcare; the first time because it was close to our home and we were unimpressed with the two previous facilities she was admitted to, but the second time was directly related to the excellent care she had received previously. She could be intractable, but they were very kind to her and she, each time, warmed up to them and became a bit less difficult. The nursing staff and her nurse care manager were attentive and communicated well with Mom and the family. Thank you for your compassion!”
— Daryl Kelm
“As an active woman who watches her great grandchildren after school and had been suffering with pain in both of her knees, I took the plunge to get them replaced. I had goals, I wanted to be able to walk pain free so I could go to Hawaii with my family. The first time I admitted to Village Healthcare, I was unsure to what to expect. To my pleasant surprise it was an amazing experience! The staff was friendly. The facility was clean. The food was great. The therapy I received was top notch. It did the trick for knee number one. There was nowhere else I was going for knee number two! I am happy to report I just returned from Hawaii with my family and was able to keep up, swim, and enjoy pain free!”
— Barbara Anderson